Mark Stocker


Mark的中文名字是「史孟康」,他在20多年前來到台北,帶領DDG團隊,和大中華區數百家企業合作,力圖打造具有國際競爭力的品牌。因品牌策略顧問廣泛接觸各產業的決策者,深刻感受到台灣社會和公司文化的脈動,結合國際的視野,發展出獨特的觀點。當他不在辦公室時,經常可以在山區看到他騎單車的身影。 Mark Stocker is a columnist on Opinion@CommonWealth. Mark has been leading DDG, a brand consultancy in Taipei and Shanghai, for more than two decades. His brand strategy consulting experience working with business leaders in Greater China gives him a unique perspective into Taiwanese corporate culture and social movements. He writes about opportunities for Taiwanese businesses to better position themselves internationally. When he’s not at work, he can usually be found biking in the mountains around Taipei.